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Service Options

Dependent on the nature of the request, we can offer the following options to secure your best interests:


Patrol Services

This service includes a marked security vehicle with a uniformed guard to occasionally patrol your property. The guard will approach subjects if safe to do so and will also log each patrol in a digital shift report for our clients.


Unarmed Guard

This service provides an unarmed uniformed guard who remains on site for a specified timeframe and serves as a visual deterrent. They will try to resolve potential conflicts if possible. They will also observe and reports situations as they occur.


Armed Guard

This service authorizes a trained and licensed security guard to carry a firearm and to also perform a citizen's arrest if legally justified to do so in a given situation. 


When it comes to hotel security, hospitality matters most. We work to build relations with employees and guests in the event of potential vulnerabilities.

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Jobsites are prone to theft and vandalism when left unattended. We can monitor the site while you're away and bark if need be.


The day to day functions of a large corporation require many moving parts for it's success. Life keeps everyone busy, so let us take on your security protocols so focus goes where it's needed.

Have you talked to your property landlord about the security needs?

Retail Centers

Your business sells goods or services to the local community but maybe the area has been vandalized or broken into and stolen from.

Dispensaries & Grows

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The legal marijuana industry attracts a lot of attention from outsiders looking in, as well as employees looking to make a score. Reduce your losses with a professional armed security team to monitor both the people and the product.

Casinos & Gaming

When it comes to any type of games involving a payout, you never know who is waiting to take advantage of the situation and force their hands for their own benefit. Life is a gamble, place your bets on the proper protection for your establishment.

Residential & Living Communities

Shared living spaces can get chaotic at times. Maybe the next door neighbor is being loud or the cars in the parking lot are being scoped out by the common crook. 

We cover Apartment Complexes, Gated Communities, Retirement / Assisted Living Communities, Private Residential, etc.

Rescue Missions

The United States of America deals with so much violence and corruption that it requires more boots on the ground to intervene prevent such situations:

- Animal Abuse

- Child Abuse

- Child Abduction

- Domestic Violence

- Gang Activity

- Human Trafficking

- Illegal Narcotics and Weapons Dealings


We provide services to facilities that are correctional in their nature. This includes halfway houses, jails, prisons, homeless shelters, rehabilitative centers, behavioral health facilities, and more.


Please submit a resume to and include any relevant background experience for consideration.

About Our Services:

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Watchdogs provides you with security services that are specifically tailored to the needs of your business. We utilize our advanced training from various backgrounds including Corrections, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, United States Military, and other relevant Security backgrounds. 

In the Universe of Security, the image of our professionals plays a major role. Our uniform and vehicle designs give off an authoritative demeanor that help us gain cooperation with our subjects. 

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